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AIIC welcomes you to the UK

The fifth largest economy in the world, the UK is a global centre for financial, legal and business services, and a powerhouse for enterprise, research and innovation. It is also an attractive location for international events and conferences, where effective multilingual communication is of the essence.

AIIC’s 130 UK members cover a wide range of languages, including most European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. For additional language requirements we can call on our AIIC colleagues in neighbouring European regions. 

AIIC interpreters ensure that multilingual communication flows smoothly, oiling the wheels of business deals, political and diplomatic discussions, cultural exchanges, medical conferences and trade agreements. In the UK, we provide interpreting services to clients ranging from UN organisations, EU institutions and multinationals to small businesses and courts of arbitration.

Are you tasked with staging a large multilingual event? Are you a small business or NGO wishing to organise a meeting with overseas partners? Are you running an academic conference or hosting a potential client from abroad? AIIC interpreters in the UK are here to guide you every step of the way and ensure that you benefit from effective, accurate and clear communication across language barriers.

We always strive to promote the professional standards and working conditions that high-quality interpreting requires. All AIIC members have been subject to a rigorous peer-review admission process and fully adhere to the duty of confidentiality and to the ethical principles set out in the AIIC Professional Standards and Code of Professional Ethics

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Photo credits: AIIC UK & Ireland

It is vital for interpreters to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through continuous professional development. To that end, AIIC UK & Ireland organises a number of thought-provoking events for the benefit of its members, the interpreting community as a whole, and a wider audience. Moreover, several members in the Region are involved in training the next generation of interpreters, thus contributing to securing high-quality multilingual communication for the years to come.

AIIC is the only global association of conference interpreters. Since the early days of modern conference interpreting, it has consistently promoted high standards of quality and ethics in the profession and represented the interests of its practitioners. It is an open and representative professional organisation of freelance and staff conference interpreters, with over 3,200 members in 100 different countries