AIIC UK & Ireland Seminar on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platforms

AIIC UK & Ireland always seeks to advance professionalism and ethics in the profession, also in the takeup of new technologies.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Seminar
Klaus Ziegler leading a lively debate on the practical and ethical implications of remote simultaneous interpreting platforms.
Photo credits: AIIC UK & Ireland

Remote simultaneous interpreting was the subject of a lively seminar organised by our Region on Saturday 21 April in London. The full title of the seminar was: "Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platforms: Market, Technologies, Ethics and Practical Aspects."

The event attracted over 50 interpreters, interpreting trainers and equipment suppliers, who had travelled from far and wide, including from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and even Argentina, to benefit from the expertise of our colleague Klaus Ziegler, who is a member of both AIIC’s Task Force on Distance Interpreting and the ISO Group drafting interpreting-related standards.

After giving a detailed overview of the scenarios in which distance interpreting might be - and in some cases already is - used, Klaus explained the relevance of the technical requirements in the ISO standards and invited us to consider how the standards might be met in the different remote simultaneous interpreting situations. The social, ethical and practical consequences for interpreters of working in remote were also considered, and Klaus explained which issues interpreters should be aware of when offered remote interpreting assignments. The day concluded with a goldfish-bowl-style brainstorming of the many issues that had been raised.

The conclusion: we are at a turning point in our profession, driven by rapid technological development. As the only global association of conference interpreters, AIIC is determined to embrace this change, and to work with the technology companies to ensure that AIIC conference interpreters continue to be able to provide the highest quality of service to their clients.

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