Why Choose AIIC

Quality, ethics and expertise are hallmarks of AIIC conference interpreters.

Amnesty Chooses AIIC

Don't just take our word for it, Patricia Combeaud-Bonallack Head of Interpreting at Amnesty International and Thomas Schultz-Jagow Senior Director of Campaign and Communications at Amnesty International tell us why Amnesty chooses AIIC.

Why You Should Choose AIIC Too


All AIIC interpreters are seasoned professionals. Joining AIIC requires years of proven experience in interpreting, references from a number of senior colleagues and passing an international review of eligibility by the AIIC Committee on Admissions and Language Classification.


All AIIC interpreters are bound by the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics and Professional Standards. The provisions AIIC members adhere to include absolute confidentiality, refraining from deriving personal gain from confidential information and never accepting any assignment for which they are not qualified. Should any breach of these standards occur, they are dealt with by AIIC’s international Disciplinary Committee.


All AIIC interpreters know the profession first hand. Contact a member of AIIC and you will be speaking directly to someone who has dedicated their working life to guaranteeing the success of communication across languages at multilingual events, no matter how large or small.

AIIC interpreters can assist you with:

AIIC and Amnesty International video filmed and edited by Lila Guha

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