AIIC Nuremberg Interpreter Event, London 30.09.2014

The event organised by AIIC UK & Ireland on 30.09.2014, which paid tribute to the pioneers of the profession, met with critical acclaim.

In an interview with Professor Philippe Sands QC, Nuremberg interpreter Siegfried Ramler spoke of the professionalism required by the interpreters who worked at the Nuremberg Trials, who pioneered the use of simultaneous interpreting.

Kate Mackintosh, Deputy Registrar at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), bridged the gap between past and present by outlining the challenges faced by court interpreters in today's international tribunals.

The event organised by AIIC UK & Ireland was attended by over one hundred guests from near and afar, including AIIC Presidents past and present: Jennifer Mackintosh and Linda Fitchett.

Please click on the link below to watch Siegfried Ramler, Philippe Sands QC and Kate Mackintosh:

AIIC Nuremberg Interpreter event, London 30.09.2014

Below, some of the reviews of the event, reproduced by kind permission of their authors:

Philippe Sands meets Nuremberg Interpreter Siegfried Ramler, "The Guardian" 22.10.2014

Eduardo Reyes' review of AIIC Nuremberg Interpreter event, "The Law Society Gazette" 06.10.2014 

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