Consultant Interpreters in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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Recruiting interpreters can be a daunting prospect if you are unfamiliar with multicultural and multilingual settings.

When do you really need interpreters? Where and how do interpreters add value to your event? What type of interpreters do you need? How much do they cost? Who can you trust to provide professional services?

AIIC has consultant interpreters who will be happy to advise you and:

  • help determine your conference interpreting requirements
  • organise your teams of interpreters
  • help plan your multilingual event
  • provide interpreting systems and hardware
  • handle all interpreter logistics

Browse AIIC-approved consultants operating locally

If you wish to know more about what AIIC consultants do, check out the list of services that most of them provide.

A professional association, AIIC does not provide or sell interpreting services.
Freelance AIIC interpreters and AIIC-approved consultants do.

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